My name is Alexander Mastalerz, I’m 23 and live in Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in a suburb called Ringwood where most of my time was spent at school, doing gymnastics or riding BMX. The activities I was involved in as a child have been the main factors that have shaped who I am today. Gymnastics and BMX taught me everything from the importance of maintaining a strong mindset when confronted by adversity, through to aggressive persistence.

My goal here is to help others over come their own obstacles and to achieve their goals learning as much as possible along the way. Whether it be getting motivated to start a business, get to the Olympics or simply get out of bed in the morning I want to help you. So many people have helped me get to where I am today; my coaches at gymnastics teaching me to get back up and push through the pain, my friends helping me over come mental illness. Now its my turn to give something back!

 By all means help me help you, feel free to email me anytime regarding anything; I’d love to hear from everyone!

David Morris was one of my coaches and played a big role in the person I am today, check out his website!